Possibility Groups

What Are Possibility Groups?

Possibility Groups are groups of women from similar backgrounds who come together under the guidance of a volunteer coach to support each other in reaching their financial goals. 

Possibility Groups meet for 10 sessions. In those group sessions, volunteer coaches help our clients understand their money habits, as well as the attitudes and behaviors they need to change to reach their financial goals. Women in Possibility Groups transform knowledge into action as they journey toward financial independence.

Possibility Groups are formed at select partner agencies and are held in conjunction with the programs those agencies provide. 

Why Are They Needed?

Almost everyone has a story they can share about the bad financial choices they have made in their lives. Many of us have even been just one bad choice away from financial disaster. However, many of us have also had the benefit of a guiding hand along the way to help us understand the importance of money and the basics of money management, but what if you didn’t? 

What if you had never had anyone to go to for sound financial advice?

What if you had never been taught how to manage your money?

What if you didn't have regular access to the internet and didn’t have anyone to talk to about your finances?

Many of us can identify with this. We learned by experience, even if that meant learning the hard way.  With Possibility Groups, we seek to fill both the education and support gap for our clients, so they no longer have to learn the hard way. 

We work with select partner agencies to provide a deeper level of financial education and a true support network for the women we serve.

Updates From Possibility Groups

What Our Clients Are Saying

“Before starting YourLife Possibilities I felt so broken and discouraged around my finances. I was in a vicious cycle of work hard, feel bad, spend money, feel bad etc. This class and the women that give their time and share their experiences taught me that my behavior and belief behind money is connected to so many other things in my life. That by changing the way I believe about myself and my finances that I can accomplish my goals and live a financially successful life. My eyes are opened and I have the tools I need to break the cycle and to go from surviving to living.”

                                                                                         -Possibility Group Participant

Job Program Collaboration 

This year TWR has started an exciting new collaboration with TDIndustries, Inc and United Way to bring our financial education services to TDIndustries job training participants. Over the next few weeks, TWR will host a Possibility Group with the 12 women who are selected by TDIndustries for their job program. Each woman will participate in our group coaching classes as they complete their job training requirements. Upon completion of the joint program, each woman will not only be ready to start her new career, but will also have a solid foundation of financial knowledge and skills on which to build her new life.

Helping Young  Mothers

In February, a group of young mothers graduated from our program. The group was sponsored by United Way of Montgomery County's Women's Leadership Council and received childcare free of charge so they could attend their group meetings. This group of women was truly extraordinary. They developed an organic energy that grew from session to session. They enjoyed coming together to share ideas, they encouraged one another, and have helped each other achieve goals. This group has truly formed a solid and long lasting support system that will help ensure their future success. Our Financial Coach will be following up with the young mothers in the coming months to  help make sure they stay on track. 

We help women and girls make choices toward becoming independent, productive and financially stable. In our programs, women acquire the essential financial knowledge, skills and confidence they need to make sound decisions and improve their lives - for themselves and for generations to come.

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