Finance Classes

Financial Education is the foundation for a strong and stable future. As women continue through the program, their hope for a better life grows and they realize possibilities can become reality. 

YourLife Finance Classes is a class series that teaches women, girls and families about banking, saving, budgeting, bill paying, and credit management. Classes are taught in English and Spanish by trained volunteers at local nonprofits, libraries, businesses, and government agencies in more than 35 zip codes across the Houston area. Our teachings are based on a curriculum designed by our staff in conjunction with a nationally recognized expert in the field. Our curriculum is designed to meet the specific needs of our clients. It is action-oriented and promotes our clients to make real and lasting change in their lives from day one.


Class topics:

Class 1: Improving Your Financial Position

Class 2: Keeping More of What's Yours

Class 3: Mastering Your Credit Report

Class 4: Making Credit Work for You

Class 5: Taking Control of Your Debt

Class 6: Managing Your Money In Real Life


Classes Available to the Public

There is no sign up necessary to attend a public class

Care Net Pregnancy Center of Northwest Houston

14530 Wunderlich Dr. Ste 203

Houston, Texas 77069
Classes held 3rd Thursday of even months throughout the year from 6:30pm-7:30pm
Class topics vary per month

Memorial Assistance Ministries

1625 Blalock Rd.

Houston, TX 77080

Classes held 3rd Thursday of the month, 12:00-1:00pm

Topics covered:

Odd months:


Even months:




Humble Area Assistance Ministries

1302 1st Street East
Humble, Texas 77338
Classes held 1st Tuesday of each month from 1:30pm-2:30pm
Class topics vary per month

In Her Words

“I have never been financially savvy and money has had the abysmal effect of burning some serious holes in my pockets. And not just little holes. Holes that would make asteroids proud. That is about to change, however. I am finally mentally, emotionally and maturely ready to properly handle my money. The weeks of financial literacy courses that The Women's Resource of Greater Houston provided for all of us ladies at The Women's Home have been an invaluable and absolutely necessary staple in my journey into self-betterment and striving toward an enjoyable life.”

                                                                   – Monika, The Women’s Home,  YourLife Finance Class Participant 

Our Partners

We offer our services in collaboration with local partners including non-profits, community centers, colleges, schools, shelters, transitional living centers, and the county jail.


These organizations host our programs, allowing us to reach a diverse group of women who may not otherwise have access to financial information. This also addresses barriers that could prevent women from being able to attend. 


We coordinate our classes to ensure programming is consistent and the process is as simple as possible for our partners.

We help women and girls make choices toward becoming independent, productive and financially stable. In our programs, women acquire the essential financial knowledge, skills and confidence they need to make sound decisions and improve their lives - for themselves and for generations to come.

T: 713-667-4493


730 N. Post Oak Rd., Suite 203

Houston, TX 77024

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