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40% of Americans Don't have $400 to cover an emergency. LET'S CHANGE THAT.


Help women and girls take control of their Destinies

For every $50 you give today, we will provide one woman with the support she needs to join the other 60% of Americans who are ready for an emergency. 

The Women's Resource was founded on the belief that

A Woman Who Controls Her Finances Controls Her Destiny

For 29 years The Women's Resource has provided free and trustworthy financial education services for thousands of women and girls in the greater Houston area. ​

  • In 2017 our programs served 2,062 clients, we taught 435 classes, and 96% of our clients improved their financial knowledge. 

  • We work with over 30 partners in 26 zip codes

  • YourLife is the only program in Houston that focuses on teaching financial education to women outside of the financial mainstream. We have three separate programs that speak to the unique needs of each of our clients. With our YourLife program, we truly have a full suite of resources to
    directly meet the needs of each of our clients, whatever they may be.


  • RISE! is a four year program that seeks to combine financial literacy with leadership development. The goals of RISE! are to create a culture that instills in our participants an appreciation for the importance of education, to cultivate the skills necessary for our participants to pursue higher learning, and to provide a base of knowledge so our participants can make informed financial decisions.

"Before participating in The Women’s Resource classes I was not equipped with the information I needed to succeed. I was barely getting by on a limited income and never had money for myself or for emergencies. But now, The Women’s Resource changed the way I look at my finances and gave me a sense of stability so that I can reach my goals and live a financially healthy life. I now have the financial tools I need to go from surviving to thriving."

- Sharee, YourLife Finance Class Particpant

"My financial goals now are so much bigger than what they were before I started attending The Women Resource YourLife Possibility Groups. Before, I just wanted to have a little extra cash between paychecks so that I wouldn't have to keep asking for help or borrowing. That was all I thought I could possibly achieve in my situation. Now, thanks to The Women's Resource, goals that once seemed like only a fantasy now seem realistic and achievable. This program has changed both my life and my son's life forever."

-Alicia, Your Life Possibility Group Participant